Family, finances, travel, faith! It can all be yours!

Hey!  LIVE LIFE!  LIVE LARGE! LIVE LONG! LIVE LOVING! LIVE TO THE FULLEST! Family, finances, travel, faith – they are all important for living a full life!  If that sounds like the life you want for you and for your family, you are definitely in the right place.

We travel a lot. Of course, traveling costs money and we don’t have boatloads of money just sitting around. So when we travel, we bargain shop. For flights and rental cars, we have found the best prices AND great customer service on these two sites!

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There is more to life and you may have it!  Our focus is simple: Family, finances, travel, faith!  We would love to help your family to LIVE LARGE, LIVE LONG, LIVE LOVING, and LIVE TO THE FULLEST!  all of those things, family, finances, travel, faith….they are all part of living to the fullest.

  Think about it….What if you could go places, see things, that most people miss out on, have a great time, and do it all for FREE? What if you had MONEY to get those nasty bills paid?  What if you were DEBT FREE- no credit card payments?  What if you knew how to build a NEST EGG so you could live large even after you retired?  What if your family could have PEACE in your hearts even when the world seems crazy?  What if your marriage were as HOT today as it was the week you got married? What if your HEALTH stayed stronger longer.

There are no magic formulas. Your family has to find out what works best for you. One of the things we realized early on is that if we planned, we could do what we wanted and not spend lots of money. As you explore our site, I have included links to the sites that we use to save the most money on what we do. This makes up part of what allows us to do all that we want without racking up the big bills!

Why check it out? We’ve been blessed! The slideshow at the top includes just a few of the places we have been able to go.  We’ve been there, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, Florida, New York City, cruised the Bahamas, rolled down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and much more!  We paid cash for our kids to go to college.  Our marriage is rock solid and our faith in the Lord is the foundation!  There is nothing exceptional about us.  If we can do things like this, live large, so can you!

We can’t give you any iron clad guarantees, but we can surely get you pointed in the right direction and we can do it for free!  What is your part of it?  Explore the site.  Find out what works for you, then take it, run with it, and LIVE LARGE!

If we can do it, you can, too!  We are into family, faith, and fun!  The sign in our home reads, “We may not have it all together, but when we are together, we have it all!”  You can find the same thing in your home!