A Day At The Beach

Really, the beach is not unusual for us.  We normally take one beach vacation a year.  This time, we went to Pismo Beach, California.  Not only did we enjoy this beach, one of the less rock ones of the Pacific Coast, but we enjoyed the town surrounding the beach!  It was an awesome stop on a great trip!  If you get to the coast of central California, don’t miss the chance to spend time in Pismo!



We had a great time. We flew into San Francisco and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. The are plenty of places to hit the beach and we have found most of them. In many cases, we travel someplace by car. If we can drive there, it is obviously cheaper than flying. Usually, however, we get on the plane once a year to fly on our family vacation. When we put five of us on the plane, it becomes really expensive. For us, we have found the links below, nine times out of every ten, come in with the best flight prices.

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