Free Vacations (Almost)

FREE VACATIONS!  Really?  Well, not quite, but almost. We all know there is no such thing. Even if they say it is free, there are usually fees involved. You can, however get pretty close to free. There are three ways to vacation for (almost) free.  Here they are:

This kind of rock bottom price usually include a requirement for a couple hours of your time. Just learn the magic word…..”NO.” It is a great time for (almost) free!

Or consider this idea!!

This is another really unique concept that gives you a place to stay for virtually free! Check it out!

Finally, there is the way we do it. Years ago, at a foreclosure sale, we purchased a timeshare for just a few dollars. We have exchanged that timeshare over and over again. With a family of seven, hotels for any trip we took would have cost us thousands of dollars for a week. We would need two rooms at $150 a night or more, which comes to $2,100. We also would have had to eat out every meal. That racks up the money.