Why CMG4Life?

Chris & Michelle Grimbilas

Chris & Michelle Grimbilas

CMG4Life serves the church, the pastor, and the family of the pastor.  We founded the ministry on the premise that every church needs the family of the pastor to be secure in order for the pastor to be truly effective in his work on the Lord’s behalf.

Christianity Today reports that over “1,500 pastors leave the ministry every month.”  Recently, in a gut check on relationships between pastors and their wives, over 400 pastors had to resign after being found out by the hack of an adult website.  Here are some of the statistics that came with the article…..

  • 77% of the pastors we surveyed felt they did not have a good marriage.
  • 38% of pastors said they were divorced or currently in a divorce process.
  • 30% said they had either been in an ongoing affair or a one-time sexual encounter with a woman in the church.

What startling statistics.  Let’s add a few more statistics in the mix.  80% of pastors feel unqualified and discouraged.  70% battle depression. 40% say they have had an extra-marital affair since the start of their ministry.

These are scary statistics.  At CMG4Life, Chris and Michelle Grimbilas have weathered storms in life and know that there are answers in Jesus Christ.  Our heart is to encourage and help the pastor, and the pastor’s family, so that the ministry of the church is secure.

Will you help us to help the church, the pastor, and the family of the pastor?

We will counsel with the pastor and his wife.  Dr. Grimbilas will come to your church, spend time with your pastor, your people, talking about how the church can do more to bless the pastor and his family, to strengthen marriages in the church, to help the people of the church with their finances, and much more.  To schedule a meeting, please email cmgfamily@cmg4life.net.



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